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The actual details of the course will not be given until just before the race.

The course will require teams to navigate their way to checkpoints to earn points, using the two major disciplines of trekking (walk/jog/run) and mountain biking and could include some form of water activity such as tubing or raft building. There will be mystery activities along the way to earn extra points. All members of the team are required to be together, and there should not be a distance greater than 50 metres separating the entire team.

All teams will need to back at the finish line before 6 hours has elapsed. The course will have sections with optional checkpoints to test out the fitter/ more experienced teams, while a less experienced  team can take a more direct/ easier route to the finish. This way, all teams get 6 hours of adventure, you can choose your level of challenge, and team strategy can come into play!


The terrain could include gravel roads, farm tracks, paddocks and sealed roads.

Your bike will need to be a mountain bike, not a road bike or hybrid/ street/ bmx style.

Please check brakes, gears, seats, tyres are all working. If in doubt, take your bike into Cycle Inn (next to Cash Converters) for a check-up.

A cycling helmet in good condition is compulsory.


The trek component involves moving as fast as or slow as you want by foot.

The terrain could involve tracks, open terrain, bush and farm tracks.

Good trail running type shoes are highly recommended!


Taranaki 6 Hour 5.jpg

All maps will be provided. The scale is usually a 1:50,000 topograhic map, but could also include more detailed scale maps.

Knowing how to read a map is very useful. To upskill here, check out Taranaki Orienteering Club Website.


Activities could involve tubing with  or car inner tubes or boogie boards, or any other range of fun challenges designed to bring out team work and a good laugh!



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